Real Stories

"My ex has been encouraging it and I did kind of get into it for a bit. I found a nice guy who was actually nice to talk to. He simply wanted to pay me £20 to play 20 questions with me. We played it a few times and he paid me each time, and if he did badly, I'd charge him more. It was actually pretty fun. Once or twice he'd give me some money just because he wanted to and said I could ask for money whenever I wanted to (they like that). But eventually, it had to stop as his father was ill and he had to help him and pay for medical bills etc. Some other guy pays me £5 for a couple feet pictures through snap chat.

These guys are those who don't get any interaction with attractive females so they like to pay you for your time, kind of like you're royalty or a celebrity, they put us on a pedestal and highly appreciate an attractive female taking time out of her life to speak to him."

Relative Parts